Bet on the exact time of the first goal

An interesting opportunity to bet on football matches which is offered by most of the betting houses is to bet on the exact time of the first goal. In this type of betting the bettor is required to guess at what minute the first goal in the match will fall. Of course, it is incredibly difficult to guess the exact minute so the ninety minutes of the match are divided into periods. Different bookmakers have different periods, but most of them are offering six periods of 15 minutes, since it is most convenient in terms of the pause between the two halves.

In some bookmakers you can find periods of 10 minutes, with the last sections before halftime and full time divided into 5 minutes.

It is important to know that in this type of betting the added time in the match is included to the previous period. So if the first goal in the match is scored in the betting on exact time fourth minute of the continuation of the first half or in the 49th minute, it will be counted as a goal in the 45th minute and will fall in the period between 30 to 45 minutes.

Why this type of betting is so interesting and how it could become a profitable way of playing? The reason is that it allows easy tracking of statistical data and hence allows the creation of different strategies for playing.

Of course, to achieve a winning game you need more than simply checking the past matches and to bet according to them. The bookies also carefully monitor trends and derive the betting odds according to them. Knowing the trends, however, would give you an advantage over the other bettors.

The simplest example is connected with the matches of the favorites. The most anticipated thing when such a team plays with an underdog is the first goal to be scored from the outset. Most bets would go in that direction. A quick check will show whether this is true or not. If it appears that the trend is not in favor of an early goal then this may be a great bet against other players.

Of course, this is just one of many options to bet on the exact time of the first goal scored. Your creativity will bring other ideas with which to have an emotional and profitable game.